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Fizyoestet Hair hair transplant specialist surgeons have extensive experience in beard and mustache transplants, eyebrow transplants and PRP treatments, along with the treatment methods known as FUE and DHI Hair Transplant.


The professional team of Fizyoestet Hair has been perfecting its techniques for many years and is rapidly advancing to become a worldwide name, especially in Turkey, with its expert results and reputation.


It is an institution that combines aesthetics and healthy life and prioritizes health in order to provide you with the understanding of “quality” and “personalized service” from the first to the last moment of our 21 years of experience. Our expert teams, after receiving their special training, meticulously handle all diagnoses and treatments and offer a wide range of services that meet your needs and expectations by using the latest technology.

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2023-04-16 02:13:45

I have been researching hair transplantation in Turkey for a long time, and I chose fizyoestethair clinic, which I believe is reliable and professional in their work. On 17 July 2022, my operation was performed. In summary; PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT. They took very good care of me when I was in Turkey. the clinic was very clean, my doctor was very professional. I have always felt the interest of Mr. Ahmet. They never left me alone after the operation, they were on the other side of the phone every time I wanted to ask a question. Thank you very much to the fizyoestethair family. PS: I can blow dry :)

Harti Kirchner
2023-04-16 02:14:12

I had a hair transplant 10 days ago I was searching for a good clinic & I found them while searching , Fizyoestet Hair contact me & explained everything to me in Details which encourage me to do the hair transplant & he was always checking in my condition before & after the surgery. Excellent customer service all around. Staff is very friendly and went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and experienced minimal pain, they meet me up at the airport & took me to the hotel & the clinic in overall I had such a great experience with them very professional people.

Ballard Cheryl
2023-04-16 02:14:35

For the first time in my life, I am posting a comment somewhere, if there are people who are thinking of getting a hair transplant, they should definitely consider a place other than Fizyoestet Hair, 5-6 more of my friends have planted it after me and they are all very satisfied, my first transplant was done 1 year ago and when I came for the control, Mr. Ahmet, I did not need a second revision for free. He offered to have it done so that it would be more lush and perfect. Thank you very much for the care, hygiene, absolutely perfect.

Svyatoslav Petrov
2023-04-16 02:14:52

I recommend to anyone looking for a great result and best clinic for a hair transplant in Turkey to go to Fizyoestet Hair. Very thankful for the result I got.

Ludwig Falk
2023-04-16 02:15:03

First of all, thank you very much to Mr. Ahmet, he made me feel very comfortable by patiently answering dozens of questions in my mind. After the treatment, she followed the developments constantly :) I am now in the 3rd month, everything had to be perfect to write this review. it did, thank you

Sergey Simonov
2023-04-16 02:15:20

Благодарю весь персонал клиники за качественную работу, организацию процесса, за консультирование по пересадке волос ???? 4000 графтов рады новому месту на моей голове) Вы лучшие ребята!!!

erhard peitz
2023-04-16 02:15:37

My wife and I got a Hair Transplant in this clinic and we recommend them as the best ones out there! 9 month thru and we both got a very good result.

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