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As Ozon Media, we actively provide services to hundreds of our customers in e-commerce and various web projects with our 10 years of experience.

Since 2020, we have been using some of our resources for the installation and development of Findclinics.net. As the Findclinics.net team, we are happy to reach thousands of clinics and tens of thousands of patients in a short time.

Findclinics.net is the only address where you can find clinics, doctors, hospitals, hair transplant clinics, dental clinics and more.

Our goal is to create a network of patients - clinics, doctors, beauty centers, hair transplant clinics, medical aesthetic clinics and specialist networks surrounding Turkey in one year.

While bringing patients from every department together with the relevant clinic, beauty center, hair transplant clinic, medical aesthetic clinic, doctors and specialists, we do not charge any fees, we provide advanced package services at affordable prices for clinics, beauty centers, hair transplantation clinics, medical aesthetic clinics, doctors and specialists. .